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30 Jun

AUDI Q7 2009 Car Stalled In The Middle of a busy road. power steering stopped working. metal particles all over the fuel system. car needs
AUDI A3 2011 I Own An Audi A3 2011, tdi. i had two similar incidents with the fuel injection system with this tdi. the
AUDI A3 2010 Car Started But Made Horrible rattling sound then died and would not start again. car left me stranded over 60 miles from home
AUDI A3 2013 While Driving In Seattle's Notorious stop and go traffic, my a3 tdi, has stalled. it acts as if i have "dropped"
AUDI Q7 2010 Tdi High Pressure Fuel Pump failure while accelerating from red light. this resulted in loss of power steering, power brakes and steering
AUDI A3 2010 This Complaint Relates To A tdi version of the audi a3. while driving my kids to school, the car stopped dead and
AUDI Q7 2010 This Is A Tdi Version of the q7. the high pressure fuel pump failed during normal use and sent metal parts through the
AUDI Q7 2009 Ignition Coil Light Came On and vehicle engine began sputtering. pulled over to the side of the highway to attempt to turn around
AUDI A3 2010 I Own A 2010 Audi a3 tdi. i was driving on a city street in normal traffic, began feeling hesitation/jerking in the engine,
AUDI Q7 2010 As Driving Onto The Highway, when accelerating to get to highway speed vehicle lost power went into limp mode and was not able to
AUDI A3 2010 2010 Audi A3 Tdi High pressure fuel pump failure at 10,000 mi. *tr
AUDI A3 2010 Our 2010 Audi A3 Tdi deisel lost power while traveling at 65 mph on an interstate highway. after pulling over, we were unable
AUDI A3 2011 1) Normal Driving. 2) fuel pump failure resulting in total fuel system failure. 3) fuel pump and entire fuel delivery system
AUDI A3 2010 While Driving On To A free way on ramp at about 25-30mph, the engine indicator come on and started to flash, almost immediately
AUDI A3 2010 Driving On Local Street At ~35mph, car suddenly would not accelerate, loss power, then stalled. unable to restart engine. *tr
AUDI A3 2010 Driving Home After Dark On a local boulevard at about 45 mph in our audi a3 tdi. vehicle suddenly lost all engine power.
AUDI A3 2010 2010 Audi A-3 Tdi (diesel) stalled while driving on freeway. will not start. towed to stevens creek audi, ca.
AUDI Q7 2010 Audi 2010 Q7 Tdi Fuel filler problems. on several occasions, approximately 1 in 4 fuel stops (current mileage 9,

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