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Tuesday 23rd of June 2015 10:48:42 PM

AUDI A4 1997 While Driving 45 Mph vehicle stalled, either timing belt or timing belt tensioner was cause for stalling. *ak
AUDI A4 1997 While Driving About 50 Mph all of a sudden engine stalled. then, vehicle was towed, and a techinician said it was
AUDI A4 1999 Was Driving Approximately 30mph When the vehicle stalled out. engine check light had came on & then off before stalling. towed to
AUDI A4 2001 While Driving Down The Highway, consumer states vehicle began to shake and engine light illuminated. the vehicle was towed to dealer.
AUDI A4 1998 While Driving At 65mph Vehicle timing belt broke, causing rapid loss of speed. dealer has been notified. consumer stated owners manual recommended
AUDI A4 1997 While Driving The Vehicle Timing gear belt broke, causing to pull out of the road. dealer has been notified. please provide further
AUDI A6 1999 Consumer States Has Had An oil leak between engine and transmission for the last 3 years. inspected by dealer who replaced head gasket,
AUDI A4 1997 While Driving, The Vehicle stalled on the road due to timing belt failure resulting in major engine damage. *yh
AUDI A6 2002 Vehicle Will Slow Down Without and shut down without prior warning. dealership is aware of problem.*ak
AUDI A4 1997 Timing Belt Had To Be replaced at 60,000 miles which interfered with engine valves, valves were bent. *ak while traveling the
AUDI A4 1998 While Driving At Highway Speeds vehicle lost all power. dealer has been contacted, and informed consumer that timing belt tensioner had
AUDI A4 1997 I Have Contacted Audi Of america several times because i do not feel i should be responsible for the charges incurred of approximately $4000.
AUDI A4 1998 Timing Belt Broke & Caused major engine damage. *ak
AUDI A4 1997 I Was Told By The dealer that the control arms are failing because audi didn't provide for lubrication points.. they had no explanation
AUDI 100 1993 Water Pump Failed At 60 mph with no previous indication or symptoms. all appeared normal . timing belt was destroyed and valves bent,
AUDI FOX 1977 Motor Mounts Failed. *mjs
AUDI 100 1994 Timing Belt, Pulley And tensioner failed.
AUDI 90 1993 Water Pump Failed,fan System failed,timing system failed
AUDI A4 1996 Engine Burns 1 Quart Of oil per 1,000 miles.
AUDI 100 1990 Right Rear Valve Cover Replaced.
AUDI 200 1990 Flywheel Failed. *sd
AUDI 90 1994 Vehicle Stalls At Traffic Lights due to cam sprocket/timing being out of adjustment. *ak
AUDI S4 2004 2004 Audi S4. Consumer states vehicle failed while driving, engine, power brakes and steering locked up *tgw the dealer informed the
AUDI A4 2001 2001 Audi A4 With Timing belt failure and repair. consumer states that the timing belt repair did not last and his vehicle completely failed
AUDI A4 2008 I Purchased The A4 Used with only 19k miles on it. i noticed that after driving 1,000 miles, 1 quart of
AUDI A4 2010 Driving To Work On A country roadway, passed a vehicle and began to pull back into my lane, releasing the gas pedal,
AUDI Q7 2007 While I Was Driving My audi q7, it jerked at 20 mph for 3 to 4 times. took it to dealer, they
AUDI S4 2005 2005.5 Audi S4. 104,000 miles. chain tensioner damaged. cause damage to engine. engine should be replaced. *tr
AUDI A4 1999 The Events That Led To the failure of the car is when it started to throw smoke from the exhaust and we found out about
AUDI A3 2006 2006 Audi A3 With 20t engine. malfunction indicator lamp illuminated and car did not want to accelerate and went into limp mode.
AUDI TT 2008 Engine Consumes 1 Qt Of oil less than 1000 miles driven. *tr
AUDI A3 2008 As I Was Accelerating Upward onto the highway ramp the vehicle stalled and jerked for about 3 seconds. it stopped for about approximately
AUDI A6 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 audi a6. the vehicle was taken to the dealership on june 4, 2010 for the manufacturers voluntary coil
AUDI A6 2010 2010 Audi A6 Experienced Massive sudden loss of engine coolant. result was need to immediately stop car and shut down engine. loss of
AUDI A4 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 audi a4. the contact stated that while driving 10 mph and making a turn, the vehcle lost
AUDI A4 2004 2004 Audi A4 1.8t engine sludge--complete engine failure. audi absurdly refuses to honor their own extended warranty on the basis the car
AUDI RS4 2008 I Have Yet To Receive any response to my request for service lodged on 4 august 2010. as promised, i have provided
AUDI A4 2007 While Driving My 2007 Audi a4 three times over the course of the last month my car has died while driving. once on the
AUDI A6 2000 2000 Audi A6 4.2l v8 quattro engine cooling system failure. the plastic coolant pipe between the oil cooler housing and the engine
AUDI A3 2010 There Is An Intermittent Sudden, and brief loss of acceleration from a complete stop. this has happen twice. the car has been
AUDI TT 2001 On Our Audi Tt 2001 convertible, the electrical outlets underneath the dashboard caught on fire. the fire department was called and after an
AUDI S4 2005 Front Headlights (both Sides) Flicker(blink) but not all the time. when they flicker i turn them off and then turn on again, then
AUDI A4 2006 Car Did Not Show Any signs prior to check engine light coming on. within several minutes of check in light appearing the car
AUDI A3 2010 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2010 audi a3 quattro. while driving at approximately 75 mph, the engine shut off completely. there were no
AUDI A4 2004 I Have Owned My 2004 audi a4 1.8t quattro for four years. the problem that i am having is a massive issue that
AUDI A4 2004 2004 Audi A4 W. approx 38,000 miles. failures involve plug & leaking water pump which ruined timing belt. total
AUDI A4 2003 Forgot To Install C Clip on temp sensor on radiator hose which popped out causing major engine damage and blown head gasket which was denied
AUDI A4 2008 Purchased 2008 Audi A4 New from dealership in october 2007. two months after purchase, notice oil consumption problem at 1qt every 1,000
AUDI S4 2004 Engine Failure Going 45mph Due to broken valve spring. faulty part documented in 5/2005 usa today but audi will not repair. *tr
AUDI S4 2004 See The Nhtsa Odi Complaints: 10267048, 10263937, 10262201, 10261864, 10261281, and 10294798. my second experience with
AUDI S4 2004 See The Nhtsa Odi Complaints: 10267048, 10263937, 10262201, 10261864, and 10261281 my first experience with the catastrophic engine
AUDI A4 1998 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1998 audi a4. while driving 45 mph the engine stalled without any prior warnings. the vehicle was
AUDI A4 2004 I Have A 2004 Audi a4 1.8t. this exact model is what is described in the audi manufacturer's 8 year extended warranty for
AUDI A3 2006 1. Normal Driving. 2. the camshaft follower on my high pressure fuel pump in my 2006 audi a3 was
AUDI A3 2009 Brand New 2009 Audi A3 with 200 miles completely failed in the highway in las vegas, nv. i purchased the vehicle brand new
AUDI A8 2009 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2009 audi a8. when he turned the vehicle on the engine began vibrating and whenever the contact began to slow
AUDI A4 2004 Ignition Coil Failed In One cylinder on 2004 audi a4 1.8t quattro. this part on audis repeatedly fails. loss of
AUDI A4 2000 I Have A 2000 Audi a4. there was a letter that was mailed to me explaining the defect with the vehicle 2 months after
AUDI A4 2008 Since We Leased Our 08 audi a4 quattro 2.0t we have had issues with the car seeming to loose power and jerk usually when
AUDI A4 2001 I Have Had To Replaced all four coils two (2) times on my audi a.4 1.8t and audi usa says this is normal.
AUDI S4 2004 At 44,000 Miles My car has catastrophic failure due to defective parts. it is a safety issue as i stated above because many
AUDI S4 2004 Catastrophic Engine Failure And Seize at 70mph. previous the failure, audi replaced bent valves due to timing chain tensioner failure.
AUDI S4 2004 I Drive A 2004 Audi s4. my car suffered a major failure. the motor failed due to a design by audi
AUDI S4 2004 I Have A 2004 Audi s4 that had catastrophic failure at only 40,000 miles due to defective parts. the car has a
AUDI A4 2005 I Purchased Certified Pre Owned car from dealership-audi a4 3.0 quattro, 2005. 2 days later i could not pass required state
AUDI A6 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 audi a6. the contact stated that a valve that allows air in the crankcase freezes. this
AUDI A4 2003 I Have Had Numerous Problems with my a4. first, my headlight shorted out and cost over $600 because it fried all the
AUDI A4 2007 After Leasing The Car 2 months later i had to add oil to it. the engine burns oil like crazy. 1 quart
AUDI A4 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 audi a4. while driving approximately 35 mph uphill, the vehicle stalled. there were no warning
AUDI A4 2002 I Was Driving Down Georgia avenue when all of a sudden my car began to ride very rough, a dash light came on and
AUDI TT 2002 Timing Belt Broke 10,000 miles short of factory recommended service. *tr
AUDI A4 2004 Engine Has An Repeated But intermittent loss of power. usually occurs shortly after starting the car and before the temperature gage shows the
AUDI A4 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 audi a4. while driving 2-5 mph in reverse, the vehicle would not accelerate and the engine warning
AUDI A4 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 audi a4. while driving 20 mph, the vehicle unexpectedly accelerated. the contact removed her foot
AUDI A6 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 audi a6. while driving 25 mph, the engine shut off without warning. the vehicle was
AUDI TT 2000 2000 Audi Tt Problems With the instrument cluster. consumer states that problem has caused problems with the performance and safety of this vehicle.
AUDI A4 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 audi a4. he heard a humming sound coming from the vehicle. the dealer stated that the
AUDI A4 2001 2001 Audi A4 1.8 turbo at 99.1k miles. the timing belt prematurely napped while the car was traveling in a busy
AUDI A4 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 audi a4. while driving 55 mph, the vehicle lost power and shut off. the vehicle
AUDI A4 1997 1997 Audi A4 Quattro Lease with engine problems customer states that audi corporation is fully aware of the problems with slog and did not send
AUDI A4 2002 Failure Of Engine Ignition Coils ,causing vehicle to lose power, and creates surging and shaking of vehicle, making it unsafe to drive.
AUDI A4 2001 2001 Audi A4 1.8 turbo: the timing belt broke while the car was traveling in heavy, rush hour traffic causing the car
AUDI A4 2002 Oil Sludge On 2002 Audi a4 quattro 1.8t. *nm
AUDI A4 2006 Extreme Vibrations Are Occurring While vehicle is stopped and in gear. this problem has existed since i drove it off the lot new.
AUDI A6 2006 I Have A 2006 Audi a6 with vin number waudh74f96nxxxxxx. on september 21st when i was driving the vehicle in my office parking
AUDI A4 2002 In December Of 2005 my red oil light came on, i was advised that my car needed an oil change and to bring
AUDI A4 2004 I Am Having Ongoing Major issues (equipment and safety) with my audi a4 cabriolet with no resolution from my local dealer or audi customer care
AUDI A6 1998 98 A6 Quattro, Leaks oil, the car's been in the shop 4 times for this issue(in 2 years time frame), the lower
AUDI A6 2001 Consumer Has Had Valve cover replaced 3 times on the 2001 a-6. *ts the right side camshaft tensioner seals were replaced.
AUDI A4 2001 Dt*: The Contact Stated while driving 50 mph on the interstate, there was a popping noise from the engine compartment followed by a
AUDI TT 2002 Audi 2002 Tt Cylinder Coil failure while driving. occurred on two separate occasion (2 of 4 coils have gone bad). unsafe
AUDI AUDI 1998 Audi Engines Are Notorious For sludge problems. although audi recognizes this problem on their 4 cyl turbo engines, they do not acknowledge
AUDI A6 2000 I Own An Audi A6, 2000. the car has been in the shop for over 18 months and 2 1/2 years for a
AUDI A4 2002 My 2002 Audi A4 Just hit 69,900 miles & the 3rd turbo on my car has just gone bad & has now developed a
AUDI A6 2003 Faulty Ignition Coils (so Far 3 out of 6 cylinders went bad). on three occasions after starting and putting the car into
AUDI TT 2000 I Had A Timing Belt failure at 80k which required most of my engine to be replaced. my complaint is, audi maintenance did
AUDI S4 2002 Cam Cover Oil Leaks Discovered after 50,000 mile service at approx 48,500 miles 11/7/05. audi tsb 05-03, nov. 2,
AUDI A4 2001 1) Normal Driving 2) cam shaft gasket failure. causing oil leak. 3) taken to repair shop. audi maintenance
AUDI S4 2000 Drive By Wire (dbw) Throttle body system failure. ecu throws epc code and engine power is compromised. car may be
AUDI ALLROAD QUATTRO 2001 Dt:the Vehicle Has Developed A cam shaft gasket leak at only 60,000 miles. also, one of the cv axles cracked.
AUDI A4 2001 A4's Have A Poorly Designed cam tensioner that eventually leaks oil. the cost to repair the item is approximately $1000. the
AUDI AUDI 1999 Timing Belt Failure At 149, 865 km (90,000 mi.) timing belt replacement, resurface cylinder head, replace guides and
AUDI A4 2002 My 2002 Audi A4 1. 8t was malfunctioning the day i took delivery and has had a surprisingly high number of defects since then.
AUDI A4 2001 '01 A4 2.8: (1) digital display is blurry and cannot fully understand everything the computer is displaying, (2) internal oil seals have become
AUDI A6 2001 Audi's 2.8l V6 Engine, from the late 1990's forward to current v6 engines has this problem. the cam adjusters commonly leak oil,
AUDI QUATTRO 2002 Vehicle Was Traveling At 50 mph when all of all sudden it would not accelerate when the driver pressed on the accelerator pedal. manufacturer
AUDI A4 2001 Oil Light Came On. immediately pulled over and checked engine oil level. not low. took the car to the
AUDI A6 2003 While Driving Vehicle stalled on numerous occasions. driver was making a left turn at an intersection and vehicle stalled.
AUDI QUATTRO 1999 Potentially Dangerous With Fuel Sending unit. experienced 7 recalls since the purchased of 1999 audi quattro. *bf the consumer stated
AUDI A6 1999 I Had A Leak In the cam seal and it seems that a lot of others have experienced it in the audi forum.*ak
AUDI A4 2002 While Driving Out Of Town the vehicle began to rattle and the vehicle would not go faster than 35 mph. the vehicle continued to
AUDI A4 2001 Audi A4 1.8t Oil pump failure causes cam adjuster failure, causing possible $8000 in damage to cams in 1.8t motor.*ak
AUDI A6 1999 Cam Seals And Main Seal both failed and cost over $2000 to repair out of warranty. very upset since the car only had 58000
AUDI TT 2003 Express Mail Fwding Motor Vehicle defect notification for a 2003 audi coupe. *ph the vehicle jerked and vibrated while in
AUDI A6 1997 I Drive A 1997, a6 audi quattro station wagon. over the past 2 winters, i have had 2 very similar incidents.
AUDI A6 1999 Unintended Acceleration -- Car Accelerated rapidly. would not slow even when driver's foot was not on the gas. engine revved rapidly
AUDI A6 2000 2000 Audi A6 Chronic "service engine" light illumination; oil leaks & valve gaskets repeatedly replaced (within 30 days); brake issues/front end vibration;
AUDI A4 1999 Time Belt Failure At 65k miles while driving 65 mph on highway caused over $5k in repairs. dealer recommended looking at other repair centers
AUDI A6 1999 Consumer Smelled A Burning Odor while driving. upon inspection of vehicle they noticed that oil was leaking onto the exhaust system, and the
AUDI QUATTRO 1998 Consumer Is Experiencing Engine Sticking at a speed should be taken off the road. (nar) *la dealer was notified. *cb
AUDI A6 1999 Engine Oil Leaks. Wife (main driver of vehicle) reported strong smell of burning oil. dealer mentioned that this is a common problem and
AUDI A4 1998 In Very Cold Weather, the engine sticks and holds a speed of 6,000 rpm. this condition lasts for at least 40 minutes
AUDI A6 1999 Engine Oil Leak: Driver side valve cover leaks after cam seals, water pump, and timing belt replaced. vehicle now has
AUDI A4 1998 I Discovered A Significant Engine oil leak in multiple locations at 50k miles. *nlm
AUDI A6 2001 I Have A 2001 Audi a6 2.7t and it has almost caused me to get into severe accidents where i would have been seriously
AUDI AUDI 2002 Out Of Control Experience Due to unwanted acceleration of vehicle. the vehicle accelerated when the gas pedal was released, the engine
AUDI A4 1998 In March 2003, The oil warning light came on. dealer diagnosed a faulty sensor that was replaced for $300. in
AUDI A4 1998 Multitude Of Probs. W/ almost every aspect (brakes, engine valves, oil light stays on, rain leaks, bad wheel bearings,
AUDI AUDI 2003 While Driving, The Vehicle experienced an explosion and check engine light illuminated and there were loud noises coming from under the vehicle and parts
AUDI A6 2000 The Vehicles Check Engine Light illuminated. the dealer refused to service the vehicle unless the consumer paid out of pocket, although the
AUDI A4 1996 1996 Audi A4 Interior Of vehicle flooding. *mr the consumer opened the front passenger door to find a significant amount
AUDI A4 2002 While Attempting To Turn Corners vehicle started to stall. dealer notified. *ak
AUDI A4 2000 Engine Light Illuminated. Took vehicle to dealer, and the light went off. *ak
AUDI A6 2001 My Car Has Been In the shop for repairs every 3000 miles. some for major problems such as replacing the steering assembly and other
AUDI A4 1999 Turbo-charger Broke Down. It should not have happened at 68000 as it is not a wearable part. the car started stalling,
AUDI A6 2001 Car Burns Oil 1/2 Quart/1000 mi. almost runs out before warning light comes on. audi says this is normal- we have had two
AUDI A4 2000 Engine Check Light Has Illuminated, dealer put vehicle on computer and the engine check light went off. hour later, it
AUDI A6 2000 Engine Check Light Is on. dealer has inspected vehicle five times and could not duplicate or correct the problem. *ak
AUDI A4 2000 The Epc Light Illuminated. the vehicle was taken to the dealer for repair. the engine control module was replaced.
AUDI A4 2000 The Vehicle Experienced An Oil leak. *jb
AUDI A4 1999 The Engine Stalled Without Warning which caused the brakes and power steering to fail. *jb....*ak
AUDI A6 2000 There Were Oil Leaks, the consumer had to replace the turbo(s) at 37000 miles and needed a new turbo(s) again, and the engine
AUDI A4 1998 Timing Belt Tensioner Failed Causing replacement of timing belt and tensioner at 40000. known issue with audi that tensioner fails as they have
AUDI A6 2000 Cylinder Heads (v-6, 2. 7 liter, 5-valve) are leaking oil from the ends in an area which is plugged with a "ball seal"
AUDI A4 9999 Both The Consumers Vehicle Experienced engine coil problems. the consumer believes the vehicles should be recalled since the problem is so widespread.
AUDI A4 1998 Car Was Serviced For An oil leak and what the mechanic found was the ball bearings oil passage seals were leaking from the front of
AUDI A4 1997 Timing Belt Tensioner Failed At 64k. mechanic said that the timing belt was virtually under no tension and would have failed immediately if
AUDI A4 2002 Audi Service Personnel Notified Me of a cam seal leak during the 10,000 mile servicing. they attempted to fix the problem once,
AUDI A4 2002 Vehicle Loss Power And Started shaking. dealer notified. please provide additional information.
AUDI A4 1999 1999 Audi A4 2.8 with 39000 miles and 6 months off waranty leaking oil from engine cam seals and from rear differential seals
AUDI A4 2002 Nar 1/15/2003. 4 Of the 6 engine coils failed within the first 6 months of owning the vehicle. *jb
AUDI A4 2002 While Driving The Vehicle The engine light would intermittently illuminate and heavy vibration forced consumer to pull off the road, due to a faulty
AUDI A4 2002 Repeated Engine Coil Malfunction

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