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29 Jun

AUDI Q7 2007 Car Stalled While Driving On highway and esp/abs light came on - was told by dealer will have to replace the entire abs control module
AUDI A6 2005 Audi 2005 A6 Started To have intermittent warning for abs, stability, hand brake at ~55k miles. took car to dealer to
AUDI A6 2005 I Was Driving My Car in my work parking lot when a loud beep occurred and my car issued a warning for "parking break malfunction.
AUDI A4 2013 Sudden Accelaration Was Observed Several times while driving audi a4. however, no accidents occured due to this. audi should take a look
AUDI TT 2001 Esc
AUDI A4 2005 Can't Star And Epc Light on. *tr
AUDI A6 2008 Multiple Issues On This Car that all came on about the same time. the amb/parking brake module/esp warning lit up, and a few
AUDI A6 2002 After Parking The Car It caught on fire from the dashboard the firemen came and extinguished the fire and said it was from the electrical
AUDI A6 2005 My 2005 Audi A6 Has water damage. some how over night heavy rain seepage left an inch of water behind driver seat. car
AUDI A4 2005 I Purchased The Vehicle On 02/11/2012 and that very evening when i had the opportunity to use the lights, my right light began to
AUDI A6 2005 Driving 55 Mph On The express way and the engine shut off completely. the car stalled until it came to a complete stop.
AUDI A6 2001 Abs/esp Light Would Come On after driving for 60 minutes or more, usually went off if vehicle restarted, this became more frequent over
AUDI A6 2001 The Abs Module In Audi's 1998-2001 is a common problem. one day it was fine and the next the abs light and brake light
AUDI A6 2003 I Have Locked My Brakes and had a near accident. my abs and esp has stopped working on my 2003 audi a6. i
AUDI Q7 2007 Audi Q7 4.2l With 34200 miles lost rpm on highway, speed suddenly dropped from 62mph to 22 mph, when esp light came
AUDI A4 1999 My Brake Light Started Beeping and flashing one day while driving. the beeping and flashing continued through the next couple of weeks.
AUDI A6 2003 Brake Lights Have Stopped Working. along with abs, traction & stability control. *tr
AUDI A8 2009 Car Handling System Went Out of directional control and steering control causing vehicle to be sent into oncoming traffic and then off the road.
AUDI A4 1998 Hi. I Have a 1998 audi a4 6 cylinder quatro5 speed. it has 97k miles. the abs light has
AUDI Q7 2007 I Currently Own A 2007 audi q7 3.6 and believe there is a safety issue with all 2007 3.6 vehicles. the vehicle
AUDI Q7 2007 While Driving In Dry/fair Weather conditions and at highway speeds (50 and 70 mph) the esp warning light came on and engaged the abs system
AUDI A4 2000 Hello: Recently i had a failure with the abs braking system on my 2000 audi a4, 2.8l. this failure

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