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11 Oct

AUDI 100 1992 When Put Key In Ignition and turned it there was smoke coming from the ignition. *uak
AUDI 90 1994 Vehicle Has Sudden Loss Of electrical power with no prior warning.has occured 3 times. tt

AUDI 90 1990 Battery Exploded, After Starting the vehicle ignition coil had a crack. tt
AUDI A6 1994 When Driving On Highway at high speeds and making sudden stops vehicle will completely shutdown, and after 60 seconds return
AUDI A6 2000 Intermittently Vehicle Will Not Start. when it does start it, runs on a limp. dealer has not been able to
AUDI A4 2002 The Ignition Coil Wire Has gone bad causing vehicle to start but then to shut off. dealership notified. please provide additional information.
AUDI A4 2000 While Driving The Vehicle Intermittenly ignition switch light become innoperable. dealer replace one of the ignition coil. consumer states the problem is reocurring.
AUDI A4 2002 Consumer Stated That Ignition Coil failed while driving, which cause the vehicle to stall on the parkway. consumer feels the vehicle is
AUDI A4 2002 While Driving The Vehicle Hesitates, shakes excessively and will not accelerate. the dealer and manufacturer admit that the ignition coil is defective,
AUDI A6 1999 The Ignition System Has A flaw allowing the ignition/auto-transmission to be switched off in drive. without knowing that had happened, the driver
AUDI 100 1994 Vehicle Will Not Start due to ignition switch / headlights/ radio/ power windows, and all electrical features being inoperable.
AUDI 4000 1985 Fuel Pump Broke, Causing vehicle to catch on fire while going 60mph on highway. vehicle wouldn't downshift, and
AUDI A4 2002 Consumer States That The Ignition coil failed, causing engine to stall. *slc
AUDI A4 2002 The Car's Basic Problem Is a badly designed coil pack (ignition module). there is a redesigned one but the dealer will only replace
AUDI A4 2002 No Summary. Dt
AUDI A6 2002 This Was The Second Time a coil failed on my car; the first time was last spring. audi acknowledges problem but refuses to
AUDI A4 2002 No Summary. Dt
AUDI A4 2001 Third Failure Of Ignition Coil (while car being driven) within 2 months. this problem looks like it is similar to odi id 770040.
AUDI A4 2002 On October 28, 2002 the 'air bag' light came on. the car was scheduled for the shop on october 31, 2002.
AUDI A4 2002 No Summary. Dt
AUDI A4 2001 My Coil Pack Has Failed 5 times, 1st at 12,000 miles 2nd at 2x,xxx 3rd at 2x,xxx 4th at 38,xxx
AUDI A4 2002 After Speaking To The Dealer who was prompt and helpful, and after investigating on some audi forums on the internet, it seems these
AUDI A4 2002 Today Was The Second Failure of the ignition coils, first occured 7/25/02 w/10500 miles on the car, ignition coils 1 & 4 were
AUDI A4 2002 Apparently Audi Has Experienced Many failures of the ignition coil pack. we have two 2002 a4's in the household and both have experienced
AUDI A4 2002 No Summary. Dt
AUDI A4 2002 Ignition System Failure On Low mileage new vehicle. concerned about reliability of car and safety should system fail and disable the car in dangerous
AUDI A4 2001 The Problem Fortunately Happened While the car was idling. there was a fault to one of the cylinders, so the car was running
AUDI A4 2001 This Has Happened To Countless 1.8t volkswagen and audi vehicles. audi has yet to make any official comment on the problem.
AUDI A4 2002 The Car Stopped In The middle of an express way, pretty dangerous situation. this is a know problem for 2002 audi a4's
AUDI A4 2002 Ignition Coil #1 Failed, causing drastic loss of power on highway. was at risk of being hit by faster moving cars.
AUDI A4 2002 I Have Been In Contact with close to 100 other 2002 audi owners through the audiworld website and the coil pack problem is a serious
AUDI A4 2002 engine died. i am reporting this because i know of more than 30 other owners of this car
AUDI A4 2002 This Is A More Common issue then audi will admit, many people have had this problem and audi still wont replace all 6 ignition
AUDI A4 2002 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
AUDI A4 2002 Coil Packs Are Failing On many of these cars. i had to have 2 fail before they would replace all 4.
AUDI A4 2002 According To Reports On Audi forums, coil packs have been failing at an alarming rate. there is one per cylinder, and people
AUDI 100 1992 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
AUDI 90 1995 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
AUDI A6 1995 I'm Experiencing The Same Problems like addressed in recall 96v01700. unaware of the recall, i paid for the first replacement $254.25 for
AUDI A4 1996 Defect Is Covered Under Campaign 00v317000; my vehicle fits manufacturer/make/model/year, however it doesn't fall within the vin range the dealer is checking -
AUDI A4 1996 Absolutely The Worst Car I have ever bought i have spent over $6000 in repairs and gone just 40k miles! stay away from this car
AUDI A4 1998 Car Stalled During Highway Driving, lost all power. computer reports nothing wrong. *ak
AUDI A4 1998 Car Simply Turned Itself Off at 65 mph. eventually restarted. computer says no problem. *ak
AUDI A4 1996 Contacted Local Dealer And Audi usa about problem and informed them about the recall (nhtsa campaign id no. 00v317000). i was inform that
AUDI A6 1996 Complete Power Rack & Pinion steering required replacement, approximately $1,000. car had recieved all required checkups since new by various authorized
AUDI A4 1998 Car Quit Running. Would not restart.
AUDI A4 1998 Car Quit Running. Would not restart.
AUDI A4 1998 Car Quit Running. Would not restart. brakes squeek and grind revealing excessive and premature wear.
AUDI A6 1995 My Problem Is Same As the one described in nhtsa campaign #96 v017000. i called my dealer as well as audi service at
AUDI QUATTRO 1991 Have Replaced The Ignition Switch 3 times since january 1996. the switch has a position that controls the turn signals and windshield wipers.
AUDI CABRIOLET 1995 Ignition Switch Problem Was Cause for a recall in 1996 (96v017000) and has caused damage to battery and alternator. key electrical accessories do
AUDI A4 1996 Ignition Switch Did Not Return from starter engaged position, starter stayed engaged which lead to its failure after problem occured several times.
AUDI 90 1993 3rd Time In 14 Days car in shop due to thermostat problem($300), fuel system($400), and know car stalling and smoke from underhood with
AUDI 4000 1984 Ignition Coil Problem. ak
AUDI 5000 1985 Distributor Replaced. *sd
AUDI A4 2007 After A Stop Light Changed to green i started a left turn. immediately the car started to "shake". it seemed like i was
AUDI A6 2003 2003 Audi A6. Consumer seeks reply for request for reimbursement *tgw the check engine light illuminated. the consumer took the vehicle to
AUDI A4 2003 Purchased Vehicle April 2009 (carfax was clean) replaced ignition coil 2x by september 2009 replaced clutch, rack and pinion, and computer
AUDI A4 2003 1. Normal Driving In suburban conditions - approximate speed between 20mi/hr - 30mi/hr 2. sudden loss of engine power and subsequently engine
AUDI ALLROAD 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 audi allroad. the contact stated that the ignition coil was faulty on his vehicle. the vehicle
AUDI A6 1996 Ignition Switch Gets Stuck In on position causing lights, radio, wipers not to function. starter also remains on causing burn out.
AUDI A6 2003 2003 Audi A6 Had Problems with the engine light, smoking, and little to no acceleration. consumer states that after a few
AUDI A4 2003 2003 Audi A4 With Defective fuel pump. consumer states that manufacturer told her that her vehicle was not affected because her vin was not
AUDI A6 2002 2002 Audi A6 With A belt failure. consumer states that he did research about this failure and found out other people have had the
AUDI A4 2006 Under Normal Driving Conditions, the ignition coil pack in cylinder 1 failed. the local dealership replaced only the coil pack for cylinder 1.
AUDI A4 2004 Vehicle Breaks Down In Traffic due to ignition coil failures. replace 6 ignition coils, vehicle runs fine again. this is
AUDI A4 2003 On Three Separate Occasions My 2003 a4 (1.8t) started shaking violently as i accelerated from a complete stop. every time it happened
AUDI A4 2004 I Was Driving On Interstate 85 in south carolina returning to charlotte, n.c. when the engine of my 2004 audi a4 started
AUDI A4 2003 Audi A4 6-cyl 3.0l avant 2003 model year. coil pack #2 failed on sep 28th 2007. audi has had a recall
AUDI A4 2003 While Driving, Engine Lost power, was able to get the vehicle into a parking lot and had it towed to mechanic.
AUDI A4 2002 Failure Of Engine Ignition Coils ,causing vehicle to lose power, and creates surging and shaking of vehicle, making it unsafe to drive.
AUDI A4 2003 I Purchased This Car On 1/24/07 with 22,422 miles on it. six days later the engine light was flashing, it was
AUDI A4 1997 I Complied With Audi Safety recall js for my 1997 audi a-4q when notified by audi to do so by a recall notice.
AUDI A4 2002 Tl*- The Contact Stated that there was a bad ignition coil in his 2002 audi a4 causing the vehicle to vibrate violently resulting in
AUDI A4 2003 The Car (an Audi A4) started shaking and could not be driven over 40 miles per hour. it had to be pulled over
AUDI A4 2002 After Driving About A Block after cold start, the engine began to hesitate. problem got worse. after driving a
AUDI A6 2003 Faulty Ignition Coils (so Far 3 out of 6 cylinders went bad). on three occasions after starting and putting the car into
AUDI TT 2000 I Had A Timing Belt failure at 80k which required most of my engine to be replaced. my complaint is, audi maintenance did
AUDI A4 2003 On November 14th My A4 1.8 stalled, was towed to the dealer, a coil was replaced...when i drove the
AUDI A4 2003 On October 11th My Fuel filter and pump were replaced and a road test was completed...on november 14th (5 weeks later) my
AUDI A4 2003 Dt: The Contact States While driving at 10-15 mph the engine began to stall, followed by the check engine light. there
AUDI A6 1999 Audi A6 1999. the vehicle was able to be started easily while in gear. *sc the master cylinder failed
AUDI A4 1997 Upon Starting The Car, it made a noise as though the key was still in starting position. the car drove okay,
AUDI A4 1999 This Is The 2nd Coil pack failure i have had on my 1999 audi a4 1.8t. it was first replaced by southbay
AUDI A3 2001 Our Certified Pre-owned Bmw 2001 325ci convertible pruchaed in june of this year stalled in traffic, causing the loss of control of the vehicle
AUDI A6 1997 97 Audi A6 Avant Has faulty ignition switch that results in failure of multiple electronic components . *ak
AUDI A6 1995 Ignition Switch, Part Number 4a0905849b, on my audi a6 failied. audi told me that this particular campaign did not apply to
AUDI A6 1996 After Driving And When vehicle was turned off key stuck in the ignition. when this happened, the signal lights/ head
AUDI A6 1996 The Electrical Ignition Switch Goes past the accessories and causes some accessories to malfunction when vehicle is started. provide further details. *ph
AUDI 90 1994 Consumer Called Complaining About Having problems with the electronic ignition switch. it causes a malfunction with the signal lights and the blinkers as
AUDI A4 1997 Consumer Called Complaining About Having ignition switch problems. there was a recall on 2000, which he had it done .a few
AUDI A6 2002 2002 Audi A6 Breakdown. nar 06/26/2003 *mr the consumers vehicle broke down and had to be towed to the nearest
AUDI A6 1996 Vehicle Experienced The Same Defect with ignition switch as stated in recall 96 v 017 000. but this vehicle not included in
AUDI A4 1997 Both The Cruise Control And the headlight washer vaccum pumps shorted out at the same time after 40000 miles. nothing was done by
AUDI A4 2003 My 2003 Audi A4 Failed to start on december 24th, 2002 and may 2nd, 2003. both times i was left stranded.
AUDI QUATTRO 2002 Electrical System: Ignition: Coils audi a630 quattro 2002 - three coils have failed since january 2002 purchase. dates are: july 17th, dec.
AUDI A4 2001 Failure Of Ignition Coil. car sputters. audi only replacing the coil that malfunctioned leaving the rest of the cylinders subject to the same
AUDI A4 2002 Email Fm Anne Signorile (ny) re defective #4 coil which caused the vehicle to stall. the consumer requested that all the coils be
AUDI A4 2000 The Seat Heater Failed, also when the vehicle was in reverse, and the consumer applied the brake, the vehicle failed to stop.
AUDI A4 2002 1/10/2003--took The Car In To have it checked because of a rough idle and trouble starting. the dealer found no initial problems.
AUDI A4 2002 Two Failed Coils In Less than 1 month. may invoke ma lemon law on next failure if audi refuses to replace remaining two defective
AUDI A6 2002 Ignition Coils Are Defective And are reducing the performance of vehicle. consumer received a letter from the manufacturer acknowledging defective coils, but
AUDI A6 2002 The Ignition Coils Have Failed on three separate occasions, which is not only inconvenient but dangerous as the car loses power without warning.
AUDI A4 2001 An Ignition Coil On My 2001 audi a4 failed, causing an extreme loss of power, poor steering and braking. the potential
AUDI A4 2002 First Ignition Coil Pack Failed on 3.0 a4 avant, i was distressed to discover that this is a known fault that has happened
AUDI TT 2002 Direct Ignition Coil Failure Due to cold weather. lost one coil on a cold day and was told by my service advisor that
AUDI A4 1999 We Own An Audi A4 that we have had too many repairs. the car has needed a turbo at 55,000 miles, oil
AUDI A4 2002 Through Articles In The Boston (ma) globe newspaper 1/26 and 2/1 2003, i have become aware of a potential dangerous situation with my
AUDI A4 2001 I Was In The Middle of an intersection when my car began to idle irregularly. i managed to get to the side of
AUDI A4 2002 Audi A4 (1.8t) Was "missing" on startup, shaking, severe loss of power. i tried driving to the dealership but had to
AUDI A4 2002 The Ignition Coil Made The vehicle ride rough. while driving, the vehicle lost power and cut off. the dealer stated they
AUDI A4 2002 While Driving The Engine Misfired and decelerated. consumer could not get car to travel over 40mph. dealer diagnosed that the ignition
AUDI A6 2002 Vehicle Had A Defectiv ignition coils. dealer would not replace the coils. ts. *ak
AUDI A4 2002 Consumer Stated The Ignition Coil constantly failed while driving, which resulted in no acceleration beyond 2nd gear. problem has occurred 3 times
AUDI A4 2002 Failed Coil Pack On Audi a4. safety issue since auot stalls on highway. dealer indicates audi will not replace more than
AUDI A4 2001 In Cold Conditions (10f) And with little vehicle warm-up time, the vehicle began cutting out and lost engine power while driving. the
AUDI A4 2001 2001 Audi A4. In for 3rd coil pack replacement in less than a year. this appears to be a widespread problem involving a
AUDI A4 2002 1st Coil Pack Failure, 12/24/02; 2nd coil pack failure, 01/17/03.
AUDI A4 2002 1st Failed Coil Pack 12/24/02 2nd failed coil pack 01/17/02
AUDI A4 2001 There Is A Quite Apparent issue with the coilpack failures on these cars, particulary with those that operate in cold weather (<30f).
AUDI A4 2001 For The Second Time On my audi a4 turbo the ignition coil failed,causing car to completely loose power on busy road. my vehicle
AUDI A4 2001 2001 Audi A4 Avant Quatro, about 17k miles. failure of ignition coil at cold stratup. found numerous reported cases of same
AUDI A4 2002 Left Stranded By Ignition Coil failure on 2002 audi a4 1.8t - this is the second time stranded by this failure
AUDI A4 2002 2002 Audi A4 1.8 t: experienced three ignition coil failures within the past 20 days. when failure occurs the vehicle cannot
AUDI A4 2002 I Am One Of The many audi owners that have experienced a problem relating to the ignition coils of my 2002 a4 quattro.
AUDI A4 2002 Ignition Coil Failure While Driving resulting in a shaky vehicle, loss of power and a red-hot glowing catalytic converter. audi is refusing
AUDI A4 2002 Vehicle Suddenly Lost Power While driving due to a defective ignition coil pack. the problem is widespread with this vechicle (audi a4) and
AUDI A4 2002 Ignition Coil Failure While Driving resulting in a shaky vehicle, loss of power and a red hot glowing catalytic converter. audi is
AUDI A4 2002 I Have A 2002 Audi a4 quattro 3.0{6 cylinder} with its second coilpack problem. there is one coilpack per cylinder.the first one
AUDI A4 2002 Car Engine Was Misfiring While check engine light flashed. there was a severe lack of power. dealer diagnosed problem to be
AUDI A4 2002 Electrical System: Ignition - Two ignition coils failed and had to be replaced. was on freeway in fast traffic when coil failed.
AUDI A4 2002 Failed Ignition Coil Pack On 2002 audi a4. 3.0 engine leaving the car inoperable. from what i understand, this is
AUDI A4 2002 Ignition Coil Pack Failure - check engine light came on - car began to shake and lack of power - had to be flatbed trucked
AUDI A4 2002 Ignition Coil Failed On Highway. car "shook" violently until stopped in parking lot. once car was off the road, the coil housing
AUDI A4 2002 2nd Ignition Coil Pack Failed. dealer says part may take up to 45 days to replace
AUDI A4 2000 Ignition Coil Failure - Twice once at the end of october and the dealer had my car for almost 3 weeks and the second was

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