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Audi Electrical System Ignition Anti-theft Controller Reports

29 Jun

AUDI S4 2001 My Grievance Relates To The relative ease that my vehicle was stolen on a sunday from a street parking space in manhattan, between the
AUDI S4 2000 My Audi S4 Was Almost stolen in nj right by route 9 in fort lee. the drivers side door handle was drilled out to
AUDI S4 2000 The Alarm System On The 1999-2002 audi s$ is defective and useless when the door lock is simply punched out with a screwdriver.*ak
AUDI S4 2001 2001 Audi S4 Has A security flaw that can render the alarm useless in seconds, therefore making it extremely easy to steal. the
AUDI S4 2001 My 2001 Audi S4 Was stolen in springfield, nj and recovered in newark, nj. the total damage to the car was
AUDI S4 2001 Uneffectiveness Of Factory Alarm. the hugh number of thefts of my vehicle is concerning. i am concerned on the security of
AUDI S4 2001 I Had Just Purchased A 2001 audi s4 for close to $40,000. with 1100 miles on it my car was stolen
AUDI S4 2000 Too Many Audi S4s Are being stolen around the boston, new jersey, new york, philly area. there was a special
AUDI S4 2001 The Security System Of My 2001 audi s4 has a major fault. the manufacturer did not include any type of immobilizer into the
AUDI S4 2001 I Currently Own A 2001 audi s4. there has been an unusually large amount of thefts of these vehicles over the last couple of
AUDI S4 2001 My Car (2001 Audi S4) was stolen in livingston nj, and recovered in irvington, nj. the car had a stock alarm
AUDI S4 2000 Audi S4 Auto Alarm/immobilizer Can be easily deactivated. deactivation through punching a screwdriver through the drivers side door key lock, will automatically disengage
AUDI S4 2001 Audi Of America Has Not taken security systems on the audi s4's seriously. they have been massive known thefts in the tri-state area
AUDI S4 2000 The Anti-theft System On My 2000 audi s4 has no engine immobilizer, therefore making it not nearly as effective as it could be.
AUDI S4 2000 The Audi S4 From 2000-2002 lacks an alarm capable of preventing easy theft. there is no immobilizer and the cars alarm can be easily
AUDI S4 2000 All Audi S4's Produced From mid 1999 to 2002 suffer from an ineffective alarm system. the model years are 2000, 2001,

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