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Acura Visibility Rearview Mirrors/devices Reports

Monday 7th of September 2015 09:17:04 PM

ACURA CL 2001 Impact With Deer, On left side fender, door, and rear quarter panel, broken windshield, broken mirror, which caused $5000
ACURA MDX 2014 The 2014 Mdx Is Now equipped with a driver's side mirror that is split vertically into two pieces one larger and one smaller.
ACURA TL 2000 Yesterday, 8/18/13, Our auto darkening rear view mirror leaked a black liquid that melted the plastic console under it. the liquid could
ACURA TL 2000 Rear View Mirror Image Distorted, blurred, and not reflective of the actual distance/separation from following vehicles. also occurred on my 1999
ACURA TL 1999 The Fluid Leaked Out Of the rearview mirror, apparently from a failed seal on the bottom of the mirror. the image in the
ACURA TL 2004 There Is A Defect In the magna donnelly rear view mirrors in most acura cars. i had a 2001 cl and the rear view
ACURA TL 2000 My Car Was Parked In the sun at which time the automatic rear view mirror proceeded to leak caustic fluid from the photo cell unto
ACURA MDX 2001 Rear View Mirror Leaking Fluid and obstructing view. the leaking fluid had a strong odor and had been reported to cause sore throat and
ACURA TL 2002 A Chemical Leaked From Rearview mirror and damaged the gear shift console.*tr
ACURA TL 2000 2000 Acura 3.2 Tl rear view mirror defect. the 2000 acura 3.2 tl comes equipped with a auto-dimming rearview
ACURA TL 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 acura tl. while driving between 30-55 mph on normal road conditions, the rearview mirror became loose and
ACURA TL 1999 1999 Acura Tl 50,000 miles. rearview mirror exploded liquid. noticed 5 days ago that the mirror was dark.
ACURA TL 2000 I Have The Defective Interior rear view mirror as reported by many others. a large clear bubble appeared at the top of the mirror
ACURA TL 2000 The Rearview Mirror In My 2000 acura tl exploded and a black liquid sprayed throughout the interior of my car. it corroded a large
ACURA TL 1999 The Rearview Mirror Of 1999-2003 acura tl should be recall due to the fact that once it failed to work properly (which is my case
ACURA RL 1999 The Rear View Mirror In my wife's 1999 acura rl has a liquid substance sloshing around inside. my wife was complaining of a headache
ACURA CL 2001 The Rear View Mirror Of my 2001 acura cls started leaking the chemical that allows it to dim. i believe it was because
ACURA TSX 2008 To Whom It May Concern i am an owner of a 1999 model acura tl i bought it brand new in
ACURA TL 1999 Rearview Mirror Contains Chemicals That have leaked out of its housing. this has caused the mirror to become distorted and difficult to see out
ACURA TL 2000 On A Very Hot Day, i entered my car to discover a black oil substance that melted around my gear shift. looked in
ACURA TL 2000 Oil In Rear View Mirror exploded and splattered on both front seats of the car. luckily it happened overnight when i was not driving

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