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Acura Vehicle Speed Control Accelerator Pedal Reports

30 Jun

ACURA TL 2000 Vehicle Would Accelerate Due To gas & brake pedals too close when one or the other is in use. if foot not on brake
ACURA SLX 1998 Throttle Sucked To The Ground and would not release when brakes applied, when emergency brake was extended. *ak
ACURA TL 2000 Consumer States That The Brake pedal is much lower than the gas pedal and the pedal is spongy and goes to the floor when applied,
ACURA TL 2010 Upon Keyless Ignition, Engine continues to race even though gas pedal is not depressed. when applying brakes, engine continues to accelerate,
ACURA MDX 2006 Dt*: The Contact Stated while driving 65 mph, the accelerator pedal became stuck in the down position. as the vehicle accelerated,
ACURA TL 2004 Dt: The Accelerator pedal stuck. this started in november 2004. it was an intermittent problem.
ACURA CL 2002 Since The Second Day Of having my car, my car has been continuously plagued with problems. i have taken my car in
ACURA TL 2001 Accelerator Cable/wire Snapped In Half without warning.. the gas pedal went straight to the floor. luckily, i was not on
ACURA MDX 2002 While The Consumer Was Driving at 30 mph sudeenly the vehicle turned left on its own, then turned right on its own,
ACURA MDX 2001 Driving Home Last Evening; first 5 miles; up a hill; slowed to make turn onto freeway. i took my foot
ACURA TL 2002 I Was Pulling Out Of a parking lot when the vehical floored it own gas peddal. i was able to stop by both feet
ACURA RL 2000 The Vehicle Accelerated Out Of control. consumer applied the brake, and even turned the vehicle off, but vehicle continued to accelerate.
ACURA TL 2003 Consumer Complained About Gas Pedal problem. it would accelerate on its on. this has happened four different times, where the vehicle
ACURA INTEGRA 1996 While Driving, The Accelerator became stuck. *ak *ph *jb
ACURA TL 2003 Vehicle Had An Acceleration Problem. dealer was contacted, and stated that there was nothing wrong with the vehicle. consumer had stopped
ACURA ACURA 2000 The Accelerator Pedal Became Stuck, which made it difficult to control the vehicle. *jb

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