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29 Jun

ACURA LEGEND 1991 Pedal Went To The Floor, had previous brake performed and pedal still goes to the floor. tt consumer stated that he
ACURA LEGEND 1990 Brake System Failure, Total loss of braking. tt consumer states as she puleed into a parking lot, she depressed the
ACURA INTEGRA 1994 Went To The Brakes And there wasn't any braking power and the car kept going through an intersection. please describe. tt
ACURA INTEGRA 1992 Brakes Function Inadequately, Require excessive preesure and still experiences extended stopping distance. cause unknown. *ak
ACURA CL 1997 After (2) Semi Failures The brakes failed completely on 9/2/96 in the driveway leading to the garage and vehicle ran into a wall.*ak
ACURA CL 2003 When Brakes Are Applied Vehicle drags and front vibrates. contacted dealer, dealer replaced rotors/pads; but problem still occurring. *ak
ACURA TL 1999 While At A Complete Stop, consumers foot was firmly on the brake and without any warning vehicle surgeed foward and collided with another vehicle,
ACURA CL 1997 Consumer States That The Brakes are failing, however the shoes and fluid levels seem to be okay. *slc
ACURA INTEGRA 1997 Driving At A Speed Of 40mph,when exiting from hwy,applying brakes, brake pedal went to the floor with no back pressure on brake
ACURA INTEGRA 1990 Brakes - I Have Had to replace all 4 calipers. each caliper failure required me also to replace that pair of rotors. i
ACURA CL 2001 The Brakes Failed Twice And were replaced. both the rear and front rotors failed and were replaced more than three times. *yh
ACURA RL 1997 Brakes Failed During Test Drive at highway speeds, they pulsated, sending the car into violent vibrations. after dealer repaired the noise
ACURA LEGEND 1992 Brakes Failed Resulting In Vehicle collision, no deployment of both driver and passenger air bags during collision, injury to driver's foot from trying
ACURA INTEGRA 1994 Front Brakes Failed Twice.
ACURA INTEGRA 1988 Brake Failure.
ACURA LEGEND 1989 Rear Brakes Wear Out Prematurely.
ACURA RL 2005 The Brakes Rattle When Going over bumps and lock up on their own at low speeds or when making a turn. i have went

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