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29 Jun

ACURA INTEGRA 1991 Driver Side Seat Belt Did not work when accident occured. tt
ACURA LEGEND 1992 The Drivers Side Seat Belt does not retract when moving forward. tt
ACURA INTEGRA 1992 Front Passenger Seat Belt Retractor didn't retract sometime. tt
ACURA INTEGRA 1991 Driver's Seat Belt Is Stuck in forward position and will not retract. dealer had tried to repair seat belt,
ACURA LEGEND 1986 Driver's Side Retractor Does Not retract, leaving seatbelt loose around the driver. dealer has not seen vehicle. *ak
ACURA ACURA 2001 Driver's Side Seat Belt Fails to retract after being in use. would be on floor after being unbuckled. 2nd time
ACURA INTEGRA 1991 Driver's Side Seatbelt Retractor Is not working properly. when going over a bump belt retracts as if someone opened the door.
ACURA INTEGRA 1992 Driver's Side Lap Belt Will not retract. contacted dealer. *ak
ACURA TL 1999 In A Crash Driver's seatbelt did not retract, causing the driver to hit the windshield and sustain injuries. however,
ACURA LEGEND 1994 When Vehicle Was Involved In a rear end crash, the driver's seat belt did not restrain the driver, causing driver to hit head
ACURA MDX 2002 All Passengers Seatbelts Will Lock up upon being buckled and will not loosen. passengers are being strangled by shoulder belts. dealer stated that
ACURA LEGEND 1986 Drivers Side Seat Belt Will not retract. *ak
ACURA INTEGRA 1994 Shoulder Belt Rectractor Failed.
ACURA LEGEND 1991 Seat Belt Would Not Retract due to accumulation of dirt around the device. *sd
ACURA MDX 2007 I Was Driving Approximately 20 mph when a car suddenly stopped in front of me. i could not stop in time, and
ACURA MDX 2005 Tl*- The Contact Stated That while driving his 2005 honda acura mdx at 40 mph, the contact's daughter put the driver's side
ACURA INTEGRA 1993 Vehicle Was In A Collision while driving at 30 to 35mph. vehicle was hit on the passenger's side, and was totaled.
ACURA MDX 2003 When The Vehicle Ran Over a bump in road the seat belt retractor receded and locked up. the passenger side air bag light
ACURA INTEGRA 1991 Passenger Automatic Seat Belt Randomly over-retracts as passenger door is closed and seat is occupied. belt only loosens if door is re-opened.
ACURA TL 1999 Drivers Seat Belt Would Not retract, making it useless. it has been replaced. *jb

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