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Acura Latches/locks/linkages Doors Latch Reports

30 Jun

ACURA LEGEND 1991 Door Actuators Cause Locks To lock and unlock on their own. please provide any additional information/attachments.*ak
ACURA LEGEND 1991 Ongoing Problem With Doors not unlocking from inside. dealer notified, and refused to repair unless cost goes to consumer.

ACURA LEGEND 1994 Electric Door Locks Operated To the locked position on their own. no deliberate or inadvertent lock selection by driver. first occasion: at fuel
ACURA LEGEND 1992 Consumer Complains The Drivers Door lock actuator is faulty. *jg
ACURA LEGEND 1992 Consumer Complains That The Door locks will automatically lock by themselves, going up and down while driving. *jg
ACURA INTEGRA 1990 Childproof Mechanism On Child Safety locks broken, causing door to be inoperable from inside of vehicle.
ACURA CL 1998 Tl- The Contact Owns A 1998 acura cl. the contact stated that the driver side door failed. the contact was unable to open
ACURA CL 1999 The Driver's Side Door Failed to open. the consumer was concerned in case of emergency he will be trapped inside.
ACURA MDX 2001 A Damage To The Driver-side door lock renders the whole locking (and unlocking) mechanism unusable. my driver-side door handle got scraped in locked position,

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