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30 Jun

ACURA INTEGRA 1993 When Applying Brakes It Feels like pedal will go to floor. brake pedal goes down too far and it is soft, causing abs
ACURA LEGEND 1991 Received Recall 01v053000. Contacted dealership for appointment, and was informed no parts were available for amplifiers. contacted manufacturer, and was informed

ACURA INTEGRA 1995 While Driving Over 65 mph,the vehicle will start to lose all power. the consumer's clearance light keeps coming on for no
ACURA RL 2005 I Was Driving At Night front headlight started flickering and cut off. i turned lights off then back on and headlights came back
ACURA LEGEND 1993 My Bumper Fell Over And the lights weren't working please contact me 9167432584 i'm tommy le
ACURA RL 2005 While Driving, Or Stationery, driver headlight flickers and shuts off, followed by the passenger light. the only way to regain
ACURA RLX 2014 Deer Were Crossing The Road in front of my vehicle. it is impossible on this vehicle to turn off or dim headlights unless
ACURA TSX 2004 The Console Lights (lights In the center) went out in 2009, which is a safety concern as you need to attempt to read the
ACURA MDX 2010 On 2 Different Times My vehicle accelerated on its own resulting in an accident. the first time was on or about may 24,
ACURA RL 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 acura rl. the contact stated that while driving at various speeds, the headlights would flicker on and
ACURA TL 2013 My Vehicle Is Equipped With hid headlights for the low beams, and halogen headlights for high beams. i have observed that when
ACURA RL 2005 Was Struck By A Drunk driver while traveling north on gsp. left driver side of the car was side swiped from the back to
ACURA RL 2006 While Driving At Night, on numerous occasions the right headlight would flicker intermittently and then go out completely. you have to turn
ACURA RL 2005 I Recently Had Issues With the headlights on my acura 2005 rl(which i've only had four months). i was driving down a rural
ACURA RL 2005 Hid Headlights Go Out Intermittently and flicker all the time. when i check on line, it seems like this is a very big
ACURA RSX 2006 Acura Rsx 2002 To 2006 owners have experienced a flood in their rear tire well, causing tail lights, in some to rust out.
ACURA RSX 2006 Water Leaks In To The trunk (where the spare tire is kept).it puddles and causes rust and mold. it causes asthma exacerbation and
ACURA TL 2006 The Seal On Head Lights on this vehicles fails accumulating a lot of condensation making it hard for driving at night. light bulbs keep
ACURA TSX 2004 Center Dashboard Lights / Climate control lights blinks and goes off and stays off while driving. *tr
ACURA TL 2002 My Acura Tl's Lights Work and then don't work all of a sudden. the right head light will go out, and then when
ACURA MDX 2011 At Night Time, The backup rear camera is useless due to insufficient lighting provided by the original equipment. *tr
ACURA MDX 2012 Honda Acura Mdx, The vehicle provides a backup camera to display the rear view when the vehicle backs up. however the camera
ACURA MDX 2012 The Rear Back Up Camera does not provide adequate brightness at night. with the screen brightness set to max, i am unable
ACURA TSX 2004 Hid Bulb Cannot Be Replaced. moisture in the housing unit. *tr
ACURA RL 2012 Cannot See Beyond About 50-60 feet on dark roads using low beams only. *tr
ACURA TL 2006 I Was Driving My Acura home the other night about 7:30pm in the pouring down rain. all of the sudden both of my
ACURA RL 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 acura rl. the contact stated that he was made aware that the headlights were not functioning by another
ACURA TSX 2006 This 06 Acura Tsx Car has a problem with the interior lighting above the rear view mirror, not working properly. lights will not
ACURA TL 2002 My Headlight Keeps Blowing Out , at 100.00 dollars everytime i replace the light it last about 3 wks and then blows out
ACURA TL 2008 Our 2008 Acura Tl And almost every acura tl i see has a problem or is developing a problem with the seals of the headlights.
ACURA RL 2005 There Is An Intermittent Safety issue with the active headlights on the acura rl vehicle. occasionally, the headlights will shut themselves off
ACURA TL 2004 Since All Headlights Have Been redesigned to have plastic covers rather than glass, the amount of light available for lighting the road has diminished
ACURA TSX 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 acura tsx. while parked, the contact noticed that the tail lights were not illuminating. the vehicle
ACURA RL 2005 The Head Lights Will Flicker off randomly while driving. i have been experiencing the issue since i have owned the car back in 2007.
ACURA TL 2000 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2000 acura tl. while driving approximately 25 mph with the headlights activated, the passenger side headlight suddenly failed
ACURA TL 2004 About 18 Months Ago The headlights on my 2004 tl began flickering on and off while i was driving. i took the car
ACURA RL 2005 2005 Acura Rl Low Beam headlights totally failed, unexpectedly, and the car was not moving forward. this has been a recurring problem
ACURA RSX 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 acura rsx. the contact was driving at night various speeds with the activation of the headlights. the
ACURA RL 2005 Our 2006 Acura Rl Has a flickering front driver's side headlight that goes on and off over any bump in the road. the
ACURA RL 2005 Headlight Flicker On / Off. sometime completely shutoff, but will turn back on after turn off and on the headlight. this issue
ACURA MDX 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 acura mdx. the contact stated that the brake light would fail intermittently. the vehicle was taken to
ACURA RL 2006 While Driving At Night Headlights do not illuminate the road far enough ahead, creating dangerous driving cituations, acura dealership(3 times) and acura
ACURA RL 2005 2005 Acura Rl Has Headlight problems. the headlights start to flicker and then all of a sudden will shut off. i
ACURA TSX 2006 Acura Tsx Drivers Side Headlight assembly defect in seal cauing condensation and parts to short not work. *tr
ACURA MDX 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 acura mdx. the contact began to notice reduced visibility while driving with the headlights activated. the contact
ACURA TL 2005 I Have Noticed For The past 2 weeks that my left side headlight on my 2005 acura rl works intermittently. once i hit a
ACURA TL 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 acura tl. the contact noticed that water entered into the housing of his headlights, leaked down into the
ACURA RL 2005 Driving On Mountain Road At night. headlights flicker, with one side going out, turn key off then restart and all is well
ACURA MDX 2009 Acura Mdx 2009 Happened two times within 3 weeks. while driving car lost all electric, entire dashboard went dead, no
ACURA RL 2005 In Sept 2010, Noticed for the first time that the left side headlight on my 2005 acura rl works intermittently. at the
ACURA RL 2005 Headlights Have Been Flickering Here and there, getting worse and worse. now the drivers side headlight goes out and comes back on
ACURA RL 2005 I Recently Bought A 2005 acura rl--what a great car! the problem is these headlights keep flickering on and off, same as a
ACURA RL 2005 2005 Acura Rl Passenger Headlight intermittently will turn off while driving. the headlight will turn back on if i turn off the headlights
ACURA RL 2005 2005 Acura Rl Left headlight does not track afs warning light keeps coming on. not all the time mostly when raining
ACURA RL 2005 2005 Acura Rl Intermittent Headlight problem. headlights flicker when going over bumps but also one or the other of the other headlights goes completely
ACURA RL 2005 1. Dangerous Driving conditions 2. headlights flickering and shutting off 3. need to go to dealership. reading
ACURA RL 2005 2005 Acura Rl Active Front headlighting i first complained about the problem to my dealer, and nothing was done. during driving at
ACURA RL 2000 The Headlight (passenger's) On My 2000 acura rl goes out intermittently it is not the bulb or the wiring, it is a common
ACURA RL 2005 A Couple Years Ago, i was stopped by a policeman because my driver's side headlight was out. he gave me a warning
ACURA RL 2005 My 2005 Acura Rl Has defective headlights. for no reason understood the headlights begin to flicker on and off then eventually go totally black
ACURA RL 2005 Lights Go Out On Acura rl 2005. the lights will periodically turn off when hitting a bump or going down hill.
ACURA RL 2005 My Headlights Flicker When Going over road bumps. it becomes very difficult, and dangerous to see the road clearly at night. acura
ACURA RL 2007 2007 Acura Rl, 34, 500 miles, starting in nov. 2009 the headlights flicker when i am driving. happened 5 times so
ACURA TSX 2009 Can We Please Have Hid (blue headlights) limited or made illegal? tonight on the way home i was just about blinded and almost caused
ACURA RSX 2006 Exterior Lighting - Headlights Burn out regularly. acura dealer has replaced my headlight 4 times while still under warranty. i have replaced those
ACURA TL 2004 2004 Acura Tl Both Xenon headlights stop working. this car low and high beam are on this system (one bulb for both low and
ACURA RSX 2006 During The Past Several Months i have noted water accumulation in both tail lights on my 2006 acura rsx. there is currently 1-inch
ACURA RSX 2006 1. Hazardous Night driving loss of low beam headlight due to poor light socket design and construction. this defect appears to
ACURA RL 2005 Headlights Flicker When Car Hit bumps or when headlights turn. it is very annoying. the flickering comes and goes, but
ACURA RL 2005 2205 Rl Headlight Briefly Go out when i hit a bump in the road. has been happening for past 6 months but now i
ACURA RL 2005 I Have A 2005 Acura rl. the headlights flicker and periodically go out. the only way to get them to come
ACURA RL 2007 I Have A 2007 Acura rl, on approx. nov. 22, 2009 and 3 times in total so far that week the
ACURA TSX 2004 Passenger Side Head Light Malfunction. head light works on and off; does not turn on sometimes. some days it works, some
ACURA RL 2005 2005 Acura Rl: Head lights flicker when hitting bump in the road. occurs daily (nightly) now and getting worse. i expect they
ACURA MDX 2007 At 62,000 Miles The left headlight failed. dealer indicated that the xenon bulb, igniter and control unit had all failed and
ACURA RL 2005 My Headlight On My Acura rl are intermittent and going out every so often, more often then not. the problem just started to
ACURA RL 2005 Head Light Flickers On/off Intermittently. *tr
ACURA CL 2003 There Are Two Safety Issues with my 2003 acura cl. first, the headlights are flashing like a strobe light. i replaced the
ACURA RL 2005 My 05 Rl's Right Side low beam headlight started flickering several months ago and now the flickering has progressed to headlight going completely out.
ACURA RL 2005 Own 2005 Acura Rl, that has afs light system. while driving vehicle on interstate, the headlights are intermittent and goes off
ACURA MDX 2009 New Cars Are Being Made with headlights way too bright, even on the dim settings. when the oncoming car is on the
ACURA TL 2005 No Accident - Noticed On or about 12-26-2008 that passenger side headlight, when on, displaying a purple like tint- low-beam. 12-29-2008,
ACURA TSX 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 acura tsx. while driving approximately 10 mph in a parking lot, the contact heard a loud noise
ACURA SLX 1997 I Have The 1997 Acura slx. i have been having problems with the headlights coming on whenever it gets cold outside. when the
ACURA MDX 2006 The Blue-white Halogen Lights Should be outlawed. the glare is overwhelming and dangerous. it is a distraction while driving and likely
ACURA TL 2003 I Am A Claim Representative for nationwide insurance. our insured, john miholic's son, was driving the 2003 acura 3.2tl at
ACURA TL 2003 Vehicle's Low Beams Are Aimed to low failing to provide illumination.*mr high beams caused reflections high up on vertical objects at the
ACURA RL 2002 2002 Brand New Acura 19uua56882a049261. front fof lamps are made of breakable glass. so far i have had to replace twice.

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