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29 Jun

ACURA TSX 2010 The Speakers In Technology Package are getting fried, these speakers are used to give information about navigation and voice commands, this is a
ACURA 08L14 TA1 200 9999 I Bought Acura 2006 Tl in november 2006 and i have noticed there is a crack on my dashboard where the passenger side air bag
ACURA TSX 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 acura tsx. the contact was driving 15 mph when the air conditioner compressor exploded. the
ACURA 08L14 E09 200 9999 It's Unfortunate That Honda Motor co has not taken any corrective action to address the numerous problems with its acura mdx transmission problem and i
ACURA TL 2000 My Car Was Parked In the sun at which time the automatic rear view mirror proceeded to leak caustic fluid from the photo cell unto
ACURA 08L14 E09 200 9999 The Car Will Make A vibration sound at random intervals. it does not matter what speed you are driving at or the type of
ACURA 08L14 TA1 200 9999 I Own A 2004 Acura mdx and 3 out of the 4 air vents (clips) in the front area of the car are broken.
ACURA TL 2006 2006 Hands Free Link Stopped working after less than 5 years. to replace the part, acura charges approximately $650+tax. i
ACURA 08L14 TA1 200 9999 This Complains Pertains To My 2005 mdx acura. while driving up a slope close to my home at 50mph, the dashboard suddenly shuts
ACURA TL 2004 My 2004 Acura Tl Was parked during an ice storm in raleigh, nc, last week. when i returned to my car and
ACURA TSX 2004 Centre Stack Lights Out (radio, heater/ac unit) according to internet research many other 2004 and 2005 tsx owners are experiencing this problem.
ACURA RDX 2007 We Have A Pre-owned Certified 2007 acura rdx, and noticed that from time to time the ignition does not release the key when
ACURA 08L14 TA1 200 9999 Transmission Failed While Driving Up a hill. caused car to lose acceleration, nearly got rear ended while pulling off the road to
ACURA MDX 2008 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2008 acura mdx. while the contact was driving approximately 15 to 65 mph, a loud banging noise was in
ACURA TSX 2004 I Have Researched My Problem to find that this is common with the acura. apparently there was a defect in the audio system
ACURA TSX 2009 This Is In Reference To a 2009 acura tsx w/technology package. i understand that the radio system wouldn't normally be considered as part
ACURA 08L14 E09 200 9999 Was Traveling On I-20 With family and transmission in 2003 acura type s just blew out with no warning traveling seventy miles an hour.
ACURA MDX 2005 Acura Mdx Vent Clips Always break and it's common problem with all the mdx models irrespective of the year. i have a 2005 mdx
ACURA 08L14 E09 200 9999 While Driving Down The Highway at legal speed limit of 70 mph, the sun roof detached from my 1996 acura integra and landed somewhere
ACURA 08L14 E09 200 9999 I Had A Total Of 6 transmissions replaced in my acura tl 2000 3.2 liter. why is toyota getting so much press and
ACURA RDX 2007 I Have A 2007 Acura rdx; noticed the recall on lexus/toyota; my vehicle has rubber mats over the carpet mats and
ACURA 08L14 E09 200 9999 On 6/29/09, I Was parked in a stripmall . when i started the car, i shifted to d4,and,before i put
ACURA 08L14 E09 200 9999 Honda Had Supposedly Under A hidden warranty swapped out the automatic transmission in my car. after driving the car about the same amount of
ACURA TL 2006 Xm Radio Malfunction/radio Malfunction/handsfree Link malfunction/navigation system malfunction. *tr
ACURA CL 1999 My Car Started Down Shifting at inappropriate times and again not accelerating when pressing gas pedal. the transmission is clunking when it downshifts
ACURA 08L14 E09 200 9999 I Am Very Worried That the "new technology" headlights are damaging my eyes and the eyes of all drivers. the halogen lamps were
ACURA CL 1999 Severe Jerking From Transmission, transmission slipping causing vehicle not to move until reaching an excess of 5 rpms, using third gear to get
ACURA MDX 2005 Dt*: The Contact Stated while driving 20mph the airbag light illuminated without warning and the engine stalled. the engine would not restart
ACURA CL 2002 Since The Second Day Of having my car, my car has been continuously plagued with problems. i have taken my car in
ACURA MDX 2003 Climate Control Not Working; ac not working at all after 2 repair over a period of time of 1 month.
ACURA TL 2004 Car Brought In At 1500 miles only 2.5 weeks after delivery... hard to start and idle rough, dealer action
ACURA TL 2002 Cracked Driver's Side Fog Lense on 2002 tl (light still works). dealer will only replace entire unit instead of lense at a cost

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